Eva (Artus) Reuben

Retired after teaching for 26 years on Long Island

Married for 46 years to Joel.

Son Michael, Daughter Amy....6 grandchildren

Lived in Kenya for two years while on a program through Columbia University and USAID to train teachers.

Presently, I am on our community's Board of Directors here in Delray Beach, Florida, where we have lived full time since 1994, and also play golf, Canasta and Bridge.

We love to travel and keep very busy here in the Sunshine State.

Irene Benanti

See Irene and Family.

NAME (at HHS): Irene Benanti


The first thing I have to say about the last fifty years was that it certainly went fast! After high school, I wasted my parents money for one year at Hofstra College (That's how old we are - it was still just a college back then.) It was the last thing I wanted to do at the time. I entered the business world the following year, eventually working at the college and taking courses at night. I was married to Michael Abbondola, who was also from Hempstead, in January l960. He was in the Army at the time and after several months, I joined him overseas. where he was stationed. We lived in a suburb of Paris for almost one year before his tour was up. Before I went over, I stopped in to HHS to tell my French teachers I was going to live in France for a year. Mrs Young handled the news pretty well. Mr Menza just put his head in his hands and with his eyes closed just kept shaking his head back and forth. It wasn't hard to figure out what he was thinking - "Of all my students, why her" ..... We used to torture each other in French class, when he used to try to teach me those nasal sounds. Why do they call that a romantic language - when you have to speak it through your nose?

From France, we moved back to Hempstead and eventually to our house in Lindenhurst, L..I., where I still live. We were divorced in 1975 but not before we had three children - Marie, Michael and Joanne. I would have to say that was the biggest accomplishment in my life - raising my three children. It wasn't always easy but the end result was definitely worth it. I'm so proud of all of them. They are all married now and I have two more sons and a daughter - in-laws, in name only - I love them like my own. As an extra bonus, I am also a Grandmother of six today. I am still working, as a bookkeeper, and would like to continue for a few more years as long as I feel up to it. All in all, I would have to say that life has been good to me since HHS.


NAME (at HHS): Mary Ann Bistyga
CURRENT ADDRESS: 9 Shaker Court,
New Windsor, New York 12553
HOME PHONE: 845-565-9313
CELL PHONE 845-527-4221
E-MAIL ADDRESS: marketmary@hvc.rr.com


Went to work for the Hempstead School Department of Education at Prospect School as a secretary. Got bored with that after 2 years and went to work for an AVP at CBS-TV on Madision Avenue until I got married in 1960 and moved to Sarasota, Florida. I worked in a brokerage firm there for the resident manager. Had 2 children in Florida; Marina Smith, my daughter, and my son, William Smith. Had a real problem with that name (Smith). No one believed Mary Smith. Moved back to New York in 1964 because of family problems and had Christopher Smith. My 3 children have given me 4 grandchildren, Robert, Windsor, Dillon and Lance.

After moving back to New York I worked at a Wall Street bank of Brown Brothers Harriman. Even met the older Harriman then moved on to the New York Stock Exchange as a secretary. Got divorced from "Smith", and moved on to O'Hare, my soul mate. I worked at the Exchange for 27 years, first as a secretary and then as a manager of a couple of different departments. Retired from there in 2000 and moved upstate to New Windsor. Missed the 40th reunion because of illness but looking forward to this one.


NAME (at HHS): Madlyn Boyce
CURRENT ADDRESS: 15136 Macias St, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
HOME PHONE: 951 678-1113
OFFICE PHONE: 951 674-3288
CELL PHONE 951 440-3180
E-MAIL ADDRESS: madelynmikkelsen@aol.com


After high school went to work for Texaco and began night school college. Married Don Mikkelsen in 1963, transferred to Port Arthur, TX in 1964 and to So. California in 1970. Don had heart attack and died at age 38 in 1975. I remained in California and went to work in real estate, eventually having my own property management business.

We adopted two children, Kevin in 1968 and Kathleen in 1969. Both are unmarried and live near Lake Elsinore.

I currently work at home doing mortgage management and loan servicing and occasionally handle real estate transactions. Love to garden, cook, have people over, and until a leg injury a couple years ago, walk, hike, snow and water ski and bicycle. Hope that will all come back.


We were the most fortunate high school class to live in the very short window of time of peace, both militarily and socially. The economic boom was underway and the opportunities were limitless. We were truly in the Happy Days era and I am grateful for those years.

This 50th reunion will be a wonderful reconnecting of so many of us who have so much in common from our teenage years and have gone so many different ways in our adult years, but share that wonderful experience of the 1950s.

Chamberlin, Brewster

NAME (at HHS): Brewster S. Chamberlin
CURRENT ADDRESS: PO Box 490 Key West, Florida 33041
E-MAIL ADDRESS: smithchamberlin@aol.com


Attended Hofstra College and NYU before receiving my AB, MA and PhD from University of Maryland that included a year of study at Hamburg University. Became a college instructor at U of Maryland at both the European and College Park, MD campuses before taking a position as a professional lecturer at Johns Hopkins University’s School for Advanced International Studies. More recently I have been a Guest Professor at the Technical University in Berlin; and am serving on the faculty and board of directors at the Durrell School of Corfu, Greece.

Received a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship (Germany) in 1970-71 and, concurrently, the NDEA Title IV 1970-72.

Have published research papers and studies (both in German and English) having to do with WWII Germany, particular emphasis being on the Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust. Have held archival managerial and research positions in the U.S., Germany, and France for the study and analysis of postwar Berlin, as well as dedicating almost twenty years in executive positions at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.

Miscellaneous non-archival publications have included a collection of poetry, two books on Paris, and a collection of short texts on various subjects.

Currently living in Key West, Florida, writing a series of novels about Berlin in the 20th century and serve as a research associate with the Key West Art and Historical Museum..


NAME (at HHS): Carolyn Crouch
HOME PHONE: 828 926 7530
CELL PHONE: 828 371 1775
HIGHLIGHTS OF LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: Followed Mrs. Abbott's prophecy in her American History class that each year two seniors marry from her class....well I married classmate Bob Coughlin in 1961 and 46 years later have 5 children who have given us the highlight of our life, 7 grandchildren. Bob was a banker for 46 years and after a few years I entered the insurance world for 20 years. We lived in Florida for 32 years in both Miami, Coral Springs, Boca Raton then after retiring have settled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I dabble in watercolors and drawing while Bob has taken up wood working and both enjoy golf and sitting on our deck watching the sun set over the mountains.
MESSAGES TO CLASSMATES: Looking back have only wonderful memories of a carefree time at HHS. Looking to the future, may these times translate to all of our grandchildren. I am so thrilled to be able to reconnect with old friends at the reunion....see you all there.

Dauch, Larry

NAME (at HHS): Larry Dauch
CURRENT ADDRESS: Almaden Valley south of San Jose, California
CELL PHONE 408-612-1830


I have lived in the Almaden Valley south of San Jose, California for the past 37 years. I have been retired for six years. I worked at American Institutes for Research in Palo Alto, California. In the 70's I was a school principal and Assistant Superintendent of Schools in San Jose. I received my BA from Hofstra University, my MA from New York University and worked on my Doctorate at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado. I was a 1st Lieutenant in the Army and served at Fort Polk, Louisiana during the Vietnam War. I married my wife Carol whom I met at Hofstra University in 1963. She is a teacher. We have two children: Andrew, a School Principal in Portland, Oregon; and our daughter Kristin, who lives in San Mateo, is Director of Recruiting for Spencer Stuart. We have two grandchildren, Lauren and Sean.

I spend most of my time playing golf in Almaden and in the summer in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. My wife Carol and I like to travel. We are going to Europe in September and October. I also like road bicycling to keep in good shape.

I like California Red Wine and we spend a lot of time in Napa and St. Helena, California.


Unfortunately we will not be able to attend the reunion; we had planned a European trip and will be in Paris the night of the reunion. I would love to come back to the East Coast and see people. We did come back a few years ago for the US Open in Shinnecock Hills. I was at the 1st tee and I overheard one of the marshals say he was from Hempstead. It was fun to reminisce. We talked about the ivy league clothing store in Hempstead, and I couldn't remember the name. Found out the store in Hempstead that I couldn't remember the name of was Ed Miller Clothing Store.

Would you let me know if Thomas Schmitt and his wife, Sally Dunsmore Schmitt attend. I have tried over the years to find them but to no avail. Thanks to you guys I found Tom and Sally Schmitt. They are living in Yakima, Washington

I really liked your web site. I was really saddened by the number of people who had passed away. I knew a lot of them.

Mary Drewal

NAME (at HHS): Mary Elizabeth Drewal
MARRIED NAME: Regan (Mrs. Victor M.)
CURRENT ADDRESS: 1142 Lake Shore Drive, Massapequa Park, NY 11762
HOME PHONE: (516) 799-7810
CELL PHONE (516) 680-0280
E-MAIL ADDRESS: meregan02@msn.com


I graduated from Hood College in 1961 with a major in Early Childhood Education and married my high school sweetheart, Vic Regan, on June 17th. In September, I began my short teaching career in the 3rd grade at the John Lewis Childs School in Floral Park. Our first child, Skip, was born in January, 1963; Jennifer was born in April, 1965, and Kevin in May, 1968. In 1977, after enjoying my years as a stay-at-home mom. I returned to work as a library assistant at the Willets Road Middle School in the East Williston School District. I realized I preferred working in the library to being a classroom teacher and soon after, I enrolled in the C. W. Post School of Library and Information Science. I received my Masters in Library Science in 1984. After a year of long-term substituting in three different school libraries, I returned to Willets Road in 1986 as librarian and remained there until I retired.

Meanwhile, my children grew up; two of them married and had children of their own. Jennifer and her husband, Michael, have three children—Christina-15, Joey-13, and Rebecca-10. Kevin and Stephanie have two children—Elia-14 and Tatiana-11. Skip lives out in Watsonville, California with his significant other, Marcy.

Vic worked as an assistant district attorney for the Nassau District Attorney for many years, then went into private practice for a few years. He returned to the court system as law secretary, doing legal research for two judges. Unfortunately, he developed a fast spreading lung cancer and died in January 2000.

I continued to work until 2002, loving every minute of my job. But I retired then because there were many other things I wanted to do, and I wanted to be young and healthy enough to do them. I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement—traveling, visiting with friends and family, working on various crafts and always trying to keep active and learn new things. .


Hempstead in the fifties was a great place to have grown up. I have such wonderful memories of my high school years, and I look forward to re-connecting with “old” friends to share some of those memories.

NAME:  Marc Feidelson
CURRENT ADDRESS:  1221 SW 10TH Ave, #1512, Portland, Oregon 97205
HOME PHONE:  (503) 224-3392
CELL PHONE  (503) 351-3941
EMAIL ADDRESS:  Marc Feidelson@aol.com


In the years following HHS, I received my B.S. in Business from Boston University and an M.A. in Psychology from the City University of New York.  Met my wife, Linda (once) in college in 1958 and didn't see her again until a chance meeting in New York City five years later.  Two more years passed before we got married (I move slowly), and our 43 year relationship has resulted in two children, three grandchildren and the propensity to move multiple times from coast-to-coast (New York, Los Angeles, Vermont, Portland, Oregon).

I retired last December after 45 years in the advertising business. Started at the CBS Television Network and subsequently directed media research at two major advertising agencies in New York City.  In 1970, I joined RCA as Coporate Manager of Media and three years later, was recruited to California by Hunt-Wesson Foods as Director of Advertising Services.  In 1980, Dailey & Associates Advertising in L.A. offered the opportunity to build a Media Department "from the ground up" as their Executive V.P.  I moved to Pacific Palisades, CA.; stayed for 27 rewarding years and during that time, helped build the agency's advertising ten-fold.

We now live in Portland, Oregon, close to our son, daughter and granchildren, and are now only recruited for occasional babysitting chores (maybe we'll return to the East Coast, soon).  We also spend a good deal of time travelling (Europe, Australia, New Zealand), playing golf and lifting weights in the gym.

My son, Lee, is the Creative Director of Hollywood Entertainment and my daughter, Pam, is Administrative Manager of Orthopaedics at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital.  My wife, Linda, retired in 2002 after 20 years as Editorial Assistant to the Executive Editor at Playboy Magazine (no Playmate Centerfolds).  Somewhere, there must be a link between Hollywood Entertainment, Playboy Enterprises and Orthopaedics -- but I'm not sharp enough to make the connection.


Unfortunately we will not be able to see you all at the reunion.  I have a prior committment in Denver that weekend.  I am really sorry about this since the website brought back so many fond memories -- astonishingly, fresh in my mind after 50 years. I was saddened -- no stunned -- to learn of the passing of so many people I liked, admired and was proud to call my friends many years ago.  Good friends like John Edwards, George Bookhard, Sherry Anderson, Charles Hartley, Barbara Schatz and Gerald Szeglin, just to name a few.  There is a message in this for all of us -- trite but true.  That no matter what the encumbrances, we must all try to enjoy life and live it to the fullest in the time we have left.  For sure, some of our friends left us way too soon.

As an aside, does anyone know how John Edwards' younger brother, Jimmy, is and what he's doing now?

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